Live Chat

A live chat was conducted from the Sloan Consortium conference poster session on Thursday, November 10th, 2011, 5pm-6pm ET.

Topic: Blogs, Resumes, Portfolios, and the Job Search

Chat Discussion Questions:

Q1) What are some of the potential benefits of using open blog platforms for the presentation of student work?

Q2) From your perspective (student, career counselor, instructor, employer…) what are some of the challenges of blog portfolios?

Q3) How might blog portfolios become a replacement for traditional resumes in the future (or work to supplement traditional resumes today)?

Take a look at the Chat Report for a summary of the conversation that took place at this live event.

Thank you for joining us at the conference and online!


Melissa hosts a weekly Twitter chat for the Inside Online Learning (IOL) blog. For more information about the live chat and how to participate via Twitter, check out the #IOLchat page.

Image credit: shawncampbell, Flickr, CC-BY

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