For Students and Job Seekers:

Collaborate with your Career Center (true for alumni, too)! Find out more about what employers are expecting to see right now.

Network with alumni who have graduated from your academic program. What would they, as working professionals in your field, advise you to include in an ePortfolio? You may even find someone who is hiring, or knows someone who is, that would be interested in taking a look at your site.

Consider your blog/ePortfolio as part of your overall online presence and reputation. Make it a professional representation of you and add links to other accounts, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, that would be relevant for employers. Are you mentioned in school press releases or other websites? Link to those pages as well.

Since your blog/ePortfolio can be accessed via URL, where could you place this link to gain more visibility? Try adding the link to your social networking profiles, the heading in your traditional resume, your email signature, and business card if you have one.

For Faculty and Instructors:

Consider creating a showcase event in your program. This could be online or on-ground, synchronous or asynchronous. This forum would allow for students to share their blogs and/or portfolios with each other, inviting questions and peer feedback. Invite the Career Center counselors and local leaders in your field to attend and view online. Their feedback will be immensely helpful, and you never know what might develop from this level of networking.

Think about portfolios when developing course assignments. How might the result of an assessment in your class be used as career portfolio artifact?

For Career Services Professionals:

Consider how blogging portfolios might figure into your existing instructional materials related to social media and the job search process. If you aren’t already using a central system for student portfolios, think about how a web-based blogging tool might be implemented with your clients. You may already have someone on staff who is familiar with one of the systems or willing to learn more. WordPress is just one example of a blogging platform that has an active and helpful user community available for support.

Collect example blogs and ePortfolios from your school’s graduates. These will help to inform not only current students about what might be possible, but also employers you partner with about what an ePortfolio is and how it might be used to screen applicants.

For Employers:

Provide some guidance to career center professionals about your interest in ePortfolios. How might students best attract your attention to their sites and work samples (e.g., linked in their traditional resumes, submitted via email, as part of a social networking profile)? Share the kind of information you are most interested in seeing in a digital format. What skills do you most value and how might they best be demonstrated in this format?

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